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Recent Articles

  1. New Route Coming on the Portuguese Way Out of Lisbon

    Jan 27, 23 11:24 AM

    Sacavem to Alverca do Ribatejo New RouteThere is a new route on the Portuguese Way from Lisbon to Alverca do Ribatejo, on the first day. It will shorten the day from 31 kilometers to 26 kilometers, making it much more manageable! The new ro…

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  2. Exploring Citerna, Italy on the Way of St. Francis

    Jan 22, 23 06:22 PM

    Aerial View of Citerna
    Exploring Citerna, Italy was our goal at the conclusion of our fourth day on the Way of St. Francis.

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  3. Day Four on the Way of St. Francis from Sansepolcro to Citerna

    Jan 21, 23 04:26 PM

    Exit Medieval Sansepolcro at Roman Gate
    Our day four on the Way of St. Francis from Sansepolcro to Citerna was a relatively easy and flat jaunt, with a steep climb at 8.55 kilometers, through stations of the cross, and a final steep climb u…

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