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Our Camino Finisterre Ebook is now available as a PDF file to download to your device. After you purchase the ebook by clicking the "Buy Now" button, just proceed through the screens. You do not have to have a PayPal account to purchase our product. Just use your credit card instead at checkout.

Why an Ebook of our webpages? 

After receiving feedback from my readers that they loved and used my information on their Caminos, but often had trouble finding a wifi connection, I created this Camino Finisterre Ebook.

I converted my web pages to be used as a Camino Finisterre guide that can be saved to your device for reading and using offline! The material in my personal guide is identical to the web pages, so you know exactly what you are getting before you purchase it. 

You can read my Camino Finisterre Ebook on the airplane, or the night before your pilgrimage day, to get an idea of what to expect the next day, without worrying if you have an adequate wifi connection. You can even pull up the maps during your day, if you like to keep track of your location. 

This guide, like on my Camino Finisterre web pages, contains bonus information on Muxía (my favorite place). See why I love this place so much. 

If you have any questions about downloading the document, please contact us and we will assist you. Make sure you have sufficient memory on your device to handle the file, about 7 KB.

Also, make sure if you are going to download the files to an iPad or iPhone, that you have iBooks, Notes or another compatible reader installed before attempting to download to it. You cannot download directly to Apple devices. 

Please be advised that this is a digital product only. You will not receive any type of hard copy of anything!

Camino Finisterre Guide, Downloadable EbookCamino Finisterre Ebook Guide
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I do hope that your Camino to Finisterre is a wonderful conclusion to your Camino de Santiago. I hope that my personal guide will assist you to make it successful, fun and with few surprises. 

If you use this ebook and have any suggestions, corrections or comments, please let us know. We will correct any misinformation, or information that has changed since we walked the Camino Finisterre. 

Ultreia and Buen Camino!

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