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Camino Finisterre Guide, Downloadable EbookCamino Finisterre EBook Guide,
Copyright 2023

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Why an eBook of our web pages? 

After receiving feedback from our readers that they loved and used our information on their Caminos, we seized the opportunity to create this Camino Finisterre eBook.

We converted our web pages to be used as a Camino Finisterre guide book that can be saved to your device for reading and using offline! The material in our personal guide is identical to the web pages, so you know exactly what you are getting before you purchase it. 

Everyone also knows that it is much easier to read a large volume of information in an eBook or document format than it is online. We have edited our web page information, specifically for ease of reading.

You can read our Camino Finisterre eBook on the airplane, or the night before your pilgrimage day, to get an idea of what to expect the next day, without worrying if you have an adequate Wifi connection. You can even pull up the maps during your day, if you like to keep track of your location. 

This guide book, like on our Camino Finisterre web pages, contains bonus information on Muxía (our favorite place). See why I love this place so much. 

Some Comments from our Guide Book Users:

From the Ingles/Finisterre: "I just returned last night from Spain after completing my Camino Ingles and Camino Finisterre/Muxia. I had downloaded both your eBooks in PDF and your GPS tracks to my iPhone. I wanted to drop a note and let you know that I don't think I could have done the Camino without your guidebooks and GPS tracks. At the very least they made it the experience I had hoped it would be - they helped me prepare for each day's walk ahead of time and not focus as much on the navigation during the walk, so that I could focus on the Camino itself each day. I can't imagine the amount of effort that must have gone into preparing the eBooks. And your generosity in sharing the GPS tracks. Thank you again."

From the Coastal Portuguese: "Dear Elle, I've just completed the Camino Portuguese solo from Porto using mostly Senda Litoral with the help of your wonderful guide - thank you! I've had a magical time. Having your interactive GPS was so, so useful for keeping on track, especially in the cities  and when I had to go 'off track' locating hotels etc. Your great photos and ideas for things to see near the path were lovely, e.g. the church in Vila do Conde where I just caught the end of the Mass service and the Santiaguino do Monte where I had the place to myself - very peaceful. And great advice to walk out of Porto rather than take the Metro to Matosinhos - thanks. There were many families enjoying the lovely day (Saturday) and it was a pleasure to experience. They are obviously increasing the Ecovia (boardwalk) even since you wrote this. I did take the decision not to do beach walking as you did (apart from the odd moments) because I didn't know if it would work with tides. Thank you again!"

Digital Guide for Download Only:

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Even though the story of our actual walks may be several years ago, we constantly cruise through many sources, including Facebook Camino Groups, Wikiloc and the Camino de Santiago Forum to ensure we capture any new accommodations, route changes and other important information just for you! We DO re-walk the routes, whenever we can!

Camino Finisterre Guide, Downloadable EbookCamino Finisterre EBook Guide,
Copyright 2023

Only $5.99 US Dollars

Don't worry - PayPal converts your currency automatically - see the price in your currency by clicking here. 

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If you are not a techie, and need help downloading the PDF document, please feel free to contact us and we will assist you. Make sure your device has sufficient memory to handle the file. It may take awhile to download.

The file is 179 Mb and 138 pages long. 

It is our wish that our Camino eBook Guide will assist you in your planning and therefore add to the success of your Camino. Join all those who have told us that with our guide, we were spot-on with our information, that it enriched their own Camino, and that there were few surprises along the way! 

However, as any Camino is a fluid thing, we are open to any suggestions for improvement, corrections and comments! Just contact us. We are happy to update our guide book if the information has changed since its writing. Without a printed version, we can very quickly and easily update our guide book! We thank-you and all the other pilgrimage travelers reading this thank-you!

Ultreia and Buen Camino!

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