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Newly updated in December of 2018, our eBook is packed with new information on albergues, pensions and rural homes and also includes recent changes in the route. This guide book in digital format is a must-have for an optimal Camino Primitivo!

When you purchase the digital guide book, you will receive a PDF file to download to your chosen device.  Just click on the "Buy Now" button, below. We accept PayPal accounts and credit cards.

Why would you want to buy an Ebook of our web pages? 

We thought you would like a portable, off-line copy of all the information we have available to you, to use as your own guide. Since the eBook is digital, you can take it along with you on your own Camino without any additional weight! 

We have edited our web page information specifically for PDF use and for ease of reading. We all know that for a large volume of material it is easier to read in book or document format than online. Our eBook guides are your answer. 

We have gone to all the work for you by creating a Camino Primitivo eBook so you don't have to take copious notes while you read our web pages. All the material from our Camino Primitivo web pages was used in the eBook guide, including the introduction, Oviedo and its historical churches, our walk to the UNESCO world heritage churches at Naranco, and our tour of the fabulous, Roman-walled city of Lugo. And of course, each and every one of the thirteen stages we took on The Original Way!

You will be able to read our Camino Primitivo eBook anywhere, on the airplane, at night on your Camino, and even during your Camino, to pull up the maps if you like to track your location. 

We think our information is especially useful if you take the few minutes each night to read about the coming day to ensure that your Camino is as seamless as possible! Knowing what to expect and being prepared helps you better deal with the inevitable surprises!

Please remember that this is a digital product only. You will not receive any hard copy book in the mail!

Camino Primitivo EBook Guide, Copyright 2019Camino Primitivo EBook Guide, Copyright 2019

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The file size is 130 Mb and and is 191 pages long. 

It is our wish that our Camino Primitivo eBook Guide will assist you in your planning and therefore add to the success of your Camino. Join all those who have told us that with our guide, we were spot-on with our information, that it enriched their own Camino, and that there were few surprises along the way! 

However, as any Camino is a fluid thing, we are open to any suggestions for improvement, corrections and comments! Just contact us. We are happy to update our guide book if the information has changed since its writing. Without a written version, we can very quickly and easily update our guide book! We thank-you and all the other pilgrimage travelers reading this thank-you!

Ultreia and Buen Camino!

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