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Use our Camino Primitivo Ebook, taken from our Camino Primitivo web pages, as a guide on your own Camino. When you purchase the guide, you will receive a PDF file to download to your chosen device.  Just click on the "Buy Now" button, below. We accept PayPal accounts and credit cards.

Why would you want to buy an Ebook of our webpages? 

My readers were telling us that they loved our on-line information and were using it as a guide. Some went to the pain-staking measure of converting our pages to PDF files to use offline on the Primitivo, where internet connections are hard to find. 

Now, we have gone to all the work for you, and have created a Camino Primitivo Ebook for your use! All the material from our Camino Primitivo webpages was used in the Ebook guide, including the introduction, Oviedo and its historical churches, our walk to the UNESCO world heritage churches at Naranco, and our tour of the fabulous, Roman-walled city of Lugo. And of course, each and every one of the thirteen stages we took on The Original Way!

You will be able to read our Camino Primitivo Ebook anywhere, on the airplane, each night on your Camino to prepare yourself for the upcoming day, and even during your Camino, to pull up the maps if you like to track your location. 

If you are not a techie, and need help downloading the PDF document, please feel free to contact us and we will assist you. Make sure your device has sufficient memory to handle the files - about 50 MB.

We have divided the PDF file into five parts, to make it easier to find your information more quickly. Your purchase will include these separate, five files, each with it's own table of contents.

Also make sure if you have an Apple iPad or iPhone that you have a reader installed before attempting to download directly to it! Check your device for iBook, Notes or another reader of your choice compatible with Apple products. Apple does not allow for direct downloading to its devices. 

Please don't forget that you will not receive anything in the mail, or any paper product of any type! This is a digital product only. 

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It is our wish that our Camino Primitivo Ebook and Guide will assist you in your planning and therefore add to the success of your Camino. Join all those who have told us that with our guide, we were spot-on with our information, that it enriched their own Camino, and that there were few surprises along the way! 

However, as any Camino is a fluid thing, we are open to any suggestions for improvement, corrections and comments! Just contact us. We are happy to update our guide if the information has changed since its writing. We thank-you and all the other pilgrimage travelers reading this thank-you!

Ultreia and Buen Camino!

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